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Pink Shirt Day, also known as Anti-Bullying Day, is a special day that is celebrated across Canada every year since 2007 on the last Wednesday of February. This year, it falls on February 28th.


The origins of this day can be traced back to Berwick, Nova Scotia where two grade 12 students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, organized a protest against bullying in their school. It all started when a new student arrived at their school wearing a pink shirt and was bullied for wearing it.

Instead of standing by and watching, David and Travis decided to act. The next day they handed out 50 pink shirts to their fellow students to wear in solidarity with the new student.


That simple act of kindness and public gesture of support sparked a movement that has now become a nationwide event.


The 2024 theme of Pink Shirt Day is All Kinds of Kindness. A reminder that all forms of kindness help to build inclusive communities.

The meaning behind Pink Shirt Day is to promote kindness, compassion, and understanding towards others. It is a day to raise awareness about the harmful effects of bullying and to encourage people to take a stand against it.


The color pink is symbolic of love and compassion, making it the perfect color to represent this day. It sends a powerful message that together, we can create a more inclusive and kinder society.The purpose of Pink Shirt Day is to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, but especially children and youth. Bullying can have a devastating impact on young minds and can lead to long-term emotional and psychological damage. This day aims to educate and empower individuals to stand up against bullying, whether it is in schools, workplaces, or online. It also serves as a reminder that bullying is not just a problem for children, but it can also occur in adulthood and can have severe consequences.Since its humble beginnings in small town Nova Scotia, Pink Shirt Day has grown into a large annual event across Canada.


Every February, schools; businesses; organizations and individuals come together to show their support by wearing pink shirts, hosting events and fundraisers, and sharing their experiences and stories. The impact of Pink Shirt Day goes beyond just one day. It has sparked conversations and initiatives throughout the year, creating a lasting impact on communities. It has also brought attention to the importance of mental health and the need for more resources and support for those affected by bullying.

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