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This travel article focuses on our beautiful island and the fun things we can do in and around the Third. With fall fast approaching it’s the perfect time to take a road trip and explore. This time of year, we can still do plenty of outdoor activities like kayaking, hiking, or stopping by the local farmers markets.

Named the number one island in North America by Conde Nast Traveler and the number one island in Canada by Travel + Leisure readers, we sometimes forget what an amazing place we call home.

Local road trips are one of my favourite things to do. Whether it is planned or spur of the moment, essential to the success of any road trip is the snacks. You can bring them from home or stop into a local bakery or coffee shop and load up.

Make sure you fill up your vehicle with gas and check the oil, and the car is ready to go. (Running out of gas isn’t the best way to see the local wildlife or make new friends, but both likely happen if you do.)

As you’re starting off on your journey, don’t forget to pop into your local library, where you can get a free library card, to pick up a good book or two to take along on your journey.

When you go on a road trip you never know who you will meet, but you are sure to find some treasures and make memories to keep you laughing for years. In the Third, we are fortunate to have at our fingertips many choices to entertain both young and old. We have shops, cool places to explore, and restaurants and cafes to get a quick snack or a full meal. Whether you want to fill your day with numerous activities or just relax somewhere with a book, a coffee, or an amazing view the choice is yours.

You can get a good walk in at many of our beautiful beaches. You can also find the most beautiful beach glass. If you are lucky on these walks, you can find a marble. I have only found one or two. My friends have found multiple over the years, perhaps they are luckier than most, or at least me.

One of my favourite beaches is Dominion Beach. It has changed dramatically over the last year or two, but it remains beautiful. There is lots of parking and there are bathrooms and change facilities on site. If you are lucky, you may even get a glimpse of the bald eagles and cranes who call the beach home. If you want to add a few kilometers to your road trip, drive just 25 minutes to get to Port Morien Beach (Phalen’s Bar). This is a great beach. You can walk out quite far before the water gets to your knees. If you have timed it right and the tide is out, you can find some lovely shells, including sand dollars.

If you are looking to do a longer road trip, head up to Inverness. The beach is popular for its sheer beauty but is also fully accessible. In 2018 sand and water chairs as well as sand mats were introduced. You may even catch a glimpse of some golfers at Cabot Links. Regardless of which beach you choose nothing beats the fresh air and sound of the surf.

Another favourite fall activity for Thirders is hiking. We have some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Each trail offers something unique and with different skill levels. Whether you choose Old Town Trail in Louisbourg (2.5k); Coxheath Hills in Coxheath (9.44k); or the famous Skyline Trail (8.2k loop) in the Highlands National Park you are sure to experience something spectacular. In fact, from September 8-17 Hike the Highland’s Festival is celebrating its 20th year! For more information contact

Tourists flock to our local museums by the hundreds each year. This is a great thing to do, especially on a family road trip. Here in the Third, we have some great ones. Cossit House Museum in Sydney and the Miners Museum in Glace Bay both remain open until October 14th – and one includes a tour of a former underwater mine and the Fortress of Louisbourg in Louisbourg is open year-round.

When I travel abroad and then return home I am always blown away by the beauty of our island. Whether you take a stroll along the boardwalk in Sydney and get your picture by the iconic big fiddle, visit Big Glace Bay Beach where you can see and learn about the endangered piping plover, or go further to drive the world-renowned Cabot Trail, the day is yours to explore this amazing place we call home.

With fall fast approaching we are set to showcase one of the most beautiful things to see - our Island. Now is the time to get out and explore our beautiful Island!

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