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- Solid Waste curbside collection and solid waste facilities will be closed on Wednesday, February 7.

- Municipal facilities including City Hall, Arenas, etc. will be closed on Wednesday, February 7.

- Transit Cape Breton will not be operating on Wednesday, February 7.



Public works plows and crews have been actively clearing the way to get first responders on the job and functional - Police, Fire, EHS, medical personnel. As of today, progress is being made to restore these critical services.

This process is slow, with many immediate response issues diverting resources  (i.e. a fire response, a fuel supply or water supply response, or medical emergency requiring urgent, specific home access.)

The next priority is widening main roadways and making first passes on side roads. This will take days.

Residents: Clear your doorways and walkways because if an emergency response is needed at your home, shovelling to your door would be very time consuming or not possible.Call 911 for emergency. EHS has updated that patients can call 1-888-346-9999 to coordinate transfers for scheduled medical appointments. 

As clearing efforts progress, more contractors with machinery will become available for driveway clearing.

Resources are on the way from other levels of government. The municipality is awaiting specifics.  Large machinery does not move long distances easily.  Some types of regular snow clearing equipment are not effective on this volume of snow.The municipality has asked for boots on the ground to assist with private property snow clearing. If you do not expect to have assistance to help you with your property, please enter your information into the form here: This will assist the municipality to provide specific location and contact info to other levels of government for assistance.   If calling from outside CBRM, the number is 902-563-2276/ 1-833-504-2276.


If you have successfully cleared your own home access, please consider assisting in your neighbourhood where possible, including clearing fire hydrants near your home.



Residents are asked to follow the directions of the Municipality’s State of Local Emergency. 

- Residents are directed to shelter in place and advised to clear snow from their home’s entryways, walkways and driveway to facilitate home access. Residents should also remove snow from ventilation points at your home. If you are able to assist others with snow clearing, do so in your own neighbourhood. 

- Do not travel. Roadways are being cleared for emergency response and travel of essential workers. The process is slow and plows require several passes to deal with the significant accumulation. With the State of Local Emergency, Police are telling people to stay off the road unless it's absolutely necessary. Any vehicles obstructing or interfering with snow removal will be ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. 

- The focus in the day ahead is to clear roads for the passage of emergency vehicles and facilitate emergency response. Schools and most stores and services will not be open. Solid Waste curbside collection and Transit Cape Breton will not be operating on February 7. City Hall and municipal buildings will not be open on February 7.  The municipality is requesting that non-essential services remain closed until the roads are again considered safe to travel. 

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