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As we head into a new year, you’ll see Top 10 lists about everything, what’s new, what’s coming, and what ‘they’ are telling you to buy- whoever they are. 


Interior design trend lists are forever changing and developing; but most importantly we need to remember that they are just a guideline for your home’s personality. 


And while design trends are slower to arrive and might be subdued when they arrive in The Third, why not take that, “Wow, that will never make it here!” look and recreate it in your home? 


In my opinion, and in no order, here are some of the home design trends soon to be making their way into Thirders’ interior designs! 


My top 10 Homeowners trends: 


1. Smart devices are everywhere. Although majority of homes aren’t fully equipped with all of these extras but most of us do have smart TVs! From blinds, heating systems, music, TVs, heated flooring to locks and security- smart is smart!


2. Dramatic tile patterns and colours are being paired with unexpected textures- and it is working!


3. Mirrors and wall art are pleasing us with their organic shapes and tones. Oversized but keeping a minimalist appearance. 


4. Rugs are making a comeback. Trending now are washable rugs; how convenient! Pull together your space today with the perfect rug! Shop local & check the upper level of Headings Flooring for options.


5. Colour pairings are trending.

•Emerald Green and Blush/ Gold

•Mint and Rose Gold

•Powder Blue and Gold

•Chocolate Brown and Creams - Yes, brown is back.

•Black and Gold 

•Earth tones and rich shades

Anyone feeling like they’re going back in time?


6. Hardware and accents:

•Black doors, hinges, and hardware 

•Gold finishes and accessories 

•Brassy and earth tones 

•Nature inspired wood tones and natural finishes 


7. Workstation sinks:

Commercial sinks and faucets are making their way into our homes- 

We’re dreaming or at least we should be. Think double sinks set up with strainer sections, glass sprayers, cutting boards and prep areas, food waste, and garbage disposals. Sink prep is the new thing.


8. Self Sufficient kitchens

I LOVE this one! I grew up in the country and bottling foods was top on the priority list.

We’re seeing more people trying and learning how to tap into our ancestors’ ways, canning food; prepping food; and growing food. Look out for:

•Kitchens with indoor herb gardens

•Growing small veggies in our windows 

•Displaying our grandmother’s recipe books 


9. Hidden Appliances 

We’re in an era of clean countertops. We are tucking away anything and everything that we can hide. Small appliances are finding homes on shelves, hidden behind doors instead of showcased on our counters.


10. Wallpaper

No. Not your grandmother’s wallpaper. Wallpaper has come so far, its durability has improved, the patterns are endless, and the textures are like nothing before.

Did you know that MR PAINT (George Street) has books on display so you can order perfectly matched wallpaper?


I hope you find these trends helpful. I wish you all a beautiful 2024! 

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