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The little team at The Third thinks it has some good news for those missing the touch and feel of a high-quality fabric.

Several weeks ago, a reader asked The Third what we could find out about the future of Fabricville in the Third.

You see, Fabricville has been closed since Fiona damaged the store. Its closure has left textile crafters with limited local options to purchase fabric and notions.

It has also left them frustrated by the limited and sometimes conflicting information they are getting from the Canadian retailer.

In April, the Sydney Fabricville Facebook page said the store was permanently closing. However, that same month, a Facebook message from the corporate office noted that the company is looking for a new location. The company also mentioned renovations being made to the damaged store on Welton St. while also suggesting that the company might not reopen the store.

Months later the loyal customers of Fabricville were still waiting for answers.

After a long wait, Choice Properties, the real estate company that owns the location on Welton Street, responded to The Third’s request for comment.

According to the company, the roof and base building system replacements have been completed and the drywall has been replaced. That leaves the floors, ceiling tiles, and lights left to be finished, which the company says are in progress, before the doors can reopen.

The anticipated completion date is October/November 2023, the company told The Third.

The friendly nameless public relations team at Choice Properties emailed The Third telling us that “Fabricville is an excellent tenant, and we greatly value our relationship with them. We understand the community’s enthusiasm for Fabricville to reopen, and we look forward to welcoming them back.”

Fabricville did not respond formally to the paper’s request, but during a brief call three weeks ago with a company representative, we were told that the fabric giant is awaiting its renovated space.

At least the companies seem to agree: Fabricville is coming back and it should be here in time for Christmas crafts.

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