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The State of Local Emergency expired on Sunday, February 11th, 2024, at 2:00 pm.

Municipal facilities, such as arenas, are open as of 2:00 pm on Sunday, Feb 11.


Tomorrow in the Third:

·       schools tentatively open

·       curbside garbage collection a go; buses a no, says CBRM



CBVRCE schools


·        It is expected that all CBVRCE schools will be open on tomorrow morning Monday, February 12. If anything changes overnight, families will be notified by 6:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.


·        A release from the CBVRCE says that it is continuing to monitor road conditions for bus routes and will advise families of any impacts in the morning.


·        CBVRCE is asking families to please review the following information:

·        Everyone is asked to use extra caution when travelling to and from school.

·        Given the volume of snow, some sidewalks may not be fully clear.

·        Families are asked to remind children not to play on or around snowbanks while waiting for the bus.

·        Children who travel by bus should expect some delays during morning and afternoon routes.

·        Bus drivers will use discretion on narrow roads.

·        Changes to regular routines for students may be necessary at some schools due to the amount of snow on school grounds. Schools will communicate these details where applicable.

·        As always, parents/guardians always have the right to keep their child home from school if they believe that the travelling conditions are unsuitable.


·        CBVRCE states in the release that they would like to thank families, staff and community for their continued patience and understanding as we welcome everyone back to school.


·        For more information about Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education’s Guidelines for Cancellations, CLICK HERE (


CBRM Updates


·        If you are able to offer assistance to help with snow clearing, provide your information by email to:

·        Road clearing and widening efforts continue and many residents are still dealing with unresolved issues from last weekend's storm.


Transit Cape Breton 

·        Buses will not be operating tomorrow, Monday, February 12. A news release from CBRM says that routes are not wide enough for buses to operate, nor for riders to stand safely at the roadside waiting for a bus.

·        Handi-Trans will be operating tomorrow.


·          Solid Waste curbside collection to begin tomorrow


·        If you missed your regular Saturday collection, your curbside collection will be tomorrow. (Monday, February 12). The release notes that trucks will pick up only on roadways that are wide enough for them to operate safely.



·        Sidewalks are not cleared on the streets approaching many schools. Motorists should be aware and use extreme caution around students walking to school and or waiting for buses.

·          City Hall building will open on Monday, Feb 12.


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