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With Halloween just passed, the clocks turning back this weekend, and Remembrance Day coming up fast, it’s hard to miss the fresh chill in the air that’s clearly making plans to settle in and stay for a while. Winter is coming, as it does around this time every year, and while some may dread the thought of it, this is also a season that brings joy to many.

One of the things that contributes to the magic of this time of year is anticipation of “the Holidays”, and the Christmas season in particular. The most sentimental of Christmas cards conjure up images of friends and family laughing and celebrating together, of skating and sledding and building a snowman in the winter wonderland, and of excited children with rosy red cheeks enjoying hot chocolate by a roaring fire. These images all have something in common, although you can’t really tell just by looking at them—this is a season that comes with its own music. And whether you love Christmas music or hate it, you can’t deny that it adds a special touch to a special time of the year. It’s also the backbone of a whole schedule of concerts, shows, and events designed to bring out the nostalgia, happiness, and good tidings of the season, for the young and old alike.

Happy Ha Ha Holidaze is one of those seasonal shows that Cape Breton audiences look forward to every year. With a cast of well-known and well-seasoned performers, Happy Ha Ha Holidaze brings together all the elements that we have come to expect from a home-grown musical comedy show—top-notch music, full-on fits of laughter, and familiar characters finding themselves in, or trying to get out of, hilarious situations.

The show features a formidable trio of singers, songwriters, and actors in Heather Rankin, Jennifer Sheppard, and Terrance Murphy, backed by a quartet of award-winning musicians including fiddler Colin Grant (Rum Ragged, Hauler), singer/songwriter Fred Lavery (Lakewind Sound Studios), show producer/pianist Stephen Muise (conductor of Men of the Deeps), and bassist Emily Dingwall (J.P. Cormier, Matt Minglewood).

Since its introduction in 2015, Happy Ha Ha Holidaze has been selling out to audiences exclusively at the historic Savoy Theatre, in Glace Bay, with loyal show-goers returning year after year to enjoy two hours of music, belly laughs, and all the Christmas feels to get you through the holidays. This year, in addition to a night at the Savoy, the cast and crew are set to take the show, and all the laughs and good times that go with it, on the road for dates in Mabou, Lower Sackville, and Guysborough. And Holidaze show co-writer and cast member Jenn Sheppard is excited to bring the show to new audiences.

“The Savoy patrons have always been very kind to us over the years so we love that we get to open there,” says Sheppard. “But then we get to venture off and spread cheer in other parts of Nova Scotia! We can’t wait!”.

Happy Ha Ha Holidaze will open at the historic Savoy Theatre on Thursday, December 7 before travelling to Mabou’s Strathspey Performing Arts Centre on December 8, Lower Sackville at Knox United Church on December 9 for two shows, and an afternoon performance in Guysborough on December 10 at the Miles MacDonald Performance Centre.

Tickets are on sale now, so don’t miss your chance to get out and have a good laugh this holiday season with Happy Ha Ha Holidaze.

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