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Here are some paint colours Kayla says to expect to see in the coming months and years.


1. Blue Nova CC-860 BM

2. Antique Pewter 1560 BM

3. Upward 6239 SW

4. Persimmon 6339 SW 

5. Cracked Pepper Behr

6. Sea salt SW

7. Revere Pewter BM

8. Hazy Lilac BM

9. Honeybee BM

10. Antiquarian Brown SW



1. Swiss Coffee BM

2. First Light BM

3. White Dove BM

4. Pale Oak BM

5. Vanilla Milkshake BM

6. Gray Owl BM

7. Alabaster SW

8. Simple white BM 

9. Repose Gray SW

10. Snowbound SW


Lighting styles are also changing. Here Kayla’s Top 10 of what you’ll be seeing:  


1. Gold & Black finishes 

2. Sculptured statement pieces 

3. Layering lighting

4. Architecturally pleasing designs 

5. Oversized but minimalistic designs

6. Straight lines 

7. Nature inspired pieces 

8. Dramatic textures 

9. Smart options 

10. Sustainable materials 

If you are in the market for lighting, or just like lights, you should check out the lighting section at KENT.


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