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I’m taking a break from The Third. Don’t cry, I promise to provide updates on a regular basis. My book, Your Tears are Not Enough, is taking a front and centre role in this journey of mine. I’ve had an incredible time writing this column. I was given a beautiful opportunity, a platform if you will, to show others what reconciliation looks like on my own terms. I wasn’t inhibited in writing what I wanted to write, and I wrote it on my terms.


I asked people to think about “stuff” you’d normally wouldn’t think about, and you did, I know you did because you reached out to tell me so.


This column allowed me to grow and heal as an individual, and I’ve learned a few important things along the way about myself and others. That’s what’s great about opening your heart and mind. When you are uncomfortable with a topic, it’s your spirit telling you there’s more work that needs to be done. When it comes to reconciliation it has to start with “you.” That’s it, that’s all.


You can’t practice true reconciliation until it becomes a way of life. I’m not talking about how you check a box at work. I’m referring to how you walk in your daily life, in your homes, in your relationships and friendships.


I’ve had people reach since I started this column, your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. I’m happy if you now see some things differently because of my Walk with Me column. I’m grateful if you could find a way to start meaningful discussions at work, but especially at home.


I’m thankful that you allowed me a moment of your precious time to ponder my words. I’m blessed that I had an opportunity to walk with you.


Special shout out to my editor, Wela’lin Michelle, you made me a better writer!

You did the “work” with me in every column I wrote; we tackled the uncomfortable together!


See you all soon.




Editor’s Note: While Tanya takes a break from her column she will be focusing on her new book, Your Tears are Not Enough. We will keep you posted as Tanya reaches new milestones on her exciting new journey.

Don’t forget that you can help Tanya get her book published by purchasing a copy of her first book, Do you Know my Grandfather? Smokey Dad, he’s a Super Hero! Get in touch with The Third for more information at


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