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The Nova Scotia House of Assembly resumes Tuesday, February 27.

The last time the three parties met in the provincial legislature they made promises to citizens, journalists and themselves. In a month they will have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are able to keep their commitment despite the many challenges facing the province and the natural political tensions that rise during a house session.


The fall session of the legislature ended with MLAs from all parties pledging to find a more constructive ways to work together. The session included weeks of extended hours, long debates, filibustering and strained relations that sometimes were not contained to the floor of the legislature.


Last year’s spring sitting lasted only 14 days, a trend that has taken hold in some legislatures in Canada, and was widely criticized by opposition parties, journalists and stakeholders. With the extraordinary issues facing the province, we should expect the opposition parties to press the government for a longer sitting to address the challenges facing their constituents.


The Third will be reaching out to our local MLAs to get their priorities for the spring sitting. We will publish the responses in upcoming issues.

  Representative Image: Communications Nova Scotia, 2023

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