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Friday night, August 25, Dartmouth-based Cape Breton trio Human Missile Crisis will bring their punk-infused, garage rock to Daniels Alehouse & Eatery, on Charlotte Street in Sydney. Longtime friends, perennial bandmates, and veterans of Cape Breton’s indie music scene, DJ Vaters (guitar/vocals), Justin Boutilier (bass), and Matthew MacIsaac (drums) will be sharing the bill with Fire Valley Fire, The High Tide, and Elk Lodge.

Vaters, Boutlier, and MacIsaac have been working on Human Missile Crisis since 2017, after finding themselves all working in Dartmouth, and “lucking into a sweet rehearsal space”.

“Over these years, I started working on some solo songs that were more garage rock/post-punk in nature than the technical progressive metal/punk that Violent Theory was,” Vaters explains, referring to the band the three were in 20 years ago. “Once Matt and Justin and I got together at our rehearsal space, those songs eventually became Human Missile Crisis songs. More raw and mature while still retaining the punk rock elements from previous projects.”

Human Missile Crisis started playing bars and all-ages venues in 2019.

“We made it a point to make our first shows back in Cape Breton,” says Vaters.

Their first show was an anti-bullying awareness all-ages show, and then they did a set at Governor's Pub later that evening. The band was starting to pick up momentum until 2020 and things were kind of put on hold for a while. They stuck it out though, playing when they could, and they recorded their debut album at the venerable downtown Halifax recording studio The Sonic Temple with Lil Thomas. Additional tracking and mixing was done with Braden Kamermans—from Dartmouth-based band Sleepy Kicks—at uthful music ( The album was mastered at Audiosiege in Portland, Oregon by Brad Boatright.

The first single from the album, “Liquor Store Stories”, premiered last month on’s “Sewer Spewer” show. The band released two more singles, “Blackwater” and “Too Long”, and a video for the title track since then. The full album will be available on all streaming services August 25. Human Missile Crisis will have tapes and CDs for sale at the release show in Sydney, and the following night in Halifax at Gus’ Pub, and they plan to release a limited run on vinyl in the winter.

“We're just looking to get this out of the gate and see where things go,” says Vaters. “We have plans to go back to Prince Edward Island for a show, and New Brunswick. Maybe even Newfoundland in the winter.”

Don’t miss them in Sydney, August 25 at Daniel’s Alehouse & Eatery.

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