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While 24-year-olds are known to have a lot of energy, they all don’t burn it off the way Thirder Jordan Pike does.

The self-described foodie and photographer spends his Mondays to Fridays as the Marketing and Retail Coordinator at the Port of Sydney, and his weekends as a wedding photographer.

In his spare time – we aren’t sure where he finds that – he coordinates events for the community. His big project these days is organizing the first annual Cape Breton Burger Bash, and he’s doing it solo.

“As far as the ‘organizers,’ it is just me, myself, and I…haha,” he casually responded when The Third asked about the planning for the month-long bash.

As the title suggests, Cape Breton Burger Bash is a month-long celebration of the burger. To date, 27 kitchens are on board to fill our tummies with burgers while supporting the Cape Breton Hospital Foundation’s Caleb’s Courage Campaign.

The inaugural Bash begins this Friday and runs until October 29 at participating venues. (Be sure to check out the inside back cover for a complete list of restos and addresses to find them!) Not only has Pike lined up an impressive 27 kitchens for the event, he has convinced them to donate $2 per burger sold to Caleb’s Courage.

“And some have committed to donating $3,” he proudly told The Third.

Breton Brewing is also on board and is donating a percentage of its beer profits to the charity.

Pike acknowledges that he is not starting from scratch and that Hospice Cape Breton and The Old Triangle have previously organized similar events. But he is the first to take on such a task as a volunteer with a full-time job and a busy side hustle.

Pike describes the month ahead as “a mouth-watering event that blends gastronomic delight with community support.” The foodie in him can’t wait. “We are bringing together the best of Cape Breton's culinary talent to create a burger that not only tantalizes taste buds but also gives back to our local community.”

He is hoping to raise $10,000 for Caleb’s Courage. He realizes that equals a lot of burgers (and antacids), but he thinks Thirders and our local burger creators are up to the challenge.

Pike hopes his experience as the former marketing manager at 7 x 7, a Sydney restaurant, along his degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing from CBU will help make Burger Bash as success.

The restaurants will also help. About 75 percent of them have created newly curated burgers for the event to Thirders to try for the first time. Others are bringing back favourites or opting for the tried-and-true best sellers.

He is looking forward to giving local restaurants the opportunity to showcase their culinary chops for the month. “We will get to see local restaurants and the community come out and participate and try new burgers.”

He also thinks that during the month restaurants will attract new customers while making a meaningful impact for young Thirders and their families who are facing critical illnesses.

Remember, he is also a photographer so there will also be lots of pictures taken and posted during the month of the burgers in the limelight.

He started taking pictures when he was about 16 and developed a passion and talent that he wanted to develop into a weekend business. At 20, while a student, he started spending his weekends as wedding photographer. He is currently booked into the spring of 2024.

Well, we know what happens when Jordan Pike has a passion. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the foodie already has sponsors lined up for the Second Annual Cape Breton Burger Bash. It’s on burger lovers.

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