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Let's decorate your table in 5 easy steps.

1) With any well executed design the very first thing you choose will be the overall design theme, the most important aspect is to stick with it!

Sometimes our ideas start to overpower the design leaving us with too many elements that are unnecessary, or cluttered.

So, start by asking yourself:

•What type of table design are you trying to achieve?

•What colors and textures do you already have on hand and which ones do you need to add?

The dining table below is located in a home which is decorated in rustic decor, with simple touches of elegance. The navy in the dinner plates and the navy accent wall beautifully pulls the entire room together.

2) Find one piece that you love, something you are certain will be perfect for your table design!

In my photo my focal point was the centrepiece.

I purchased this wooden box, holding these super cute trees- and it even lights up! This was $12 at the dollar store.

I added some garland around it, and some personal touches.

3) Layers. Besides choosing your overall design, this is one of the most important steps.

When you layer your table, you add depth to an otherwise flat design.

•Start with a statement piece tablecloth.

The white and grey super whimsical lace tablecloth came from the dollar store for $3.

•Move on to your placemats.

Try not to use a pattern that will clash with your tablecloth. But still have fun with it; play with different colors and textures.

This grey one came from the dollar store.

•Chargers. You can have so much fun with chargers. From metallics, to wood there are sooo many options when adding chargers to your table design.

The ones in the image came from Walmart for $6 each.

The plates pictured also came from the dollar store for 4$ each.

The goblet was my grandmothers, and they are the perfect shade of red!! With so much silver, white, and blue Christmas decor in the home already, the subtle touch of red has a huge impact and completely ties each of the elements together.

4) Your centrepiece should be elevated from the table and easily seem but never too tall as to be in the eyesight of the guests. You want everyone to notice and love the design; but you wouldn't want your guests to feel as if they need to remove to centrepiece during conversations. Keep in mind that not disrupting the view is key!

5) Finishing touches. Whether you're designing for a holiday dinner party or everyday decorating, you will always need some personal touches.

•Name place cards to match your centrepieces are an easy way to personalize your table.

•Printed menus could be added to finish off your holiday table and leave your guests thinking it was professionally decorated.

•You could leave a tiny 'gift' on each plate- something directly related to the overall theme.

•The more contrasted colors and textures the better.

When you're feeling intimidated about how to style your table this holiday season - just remember; with a little technique, guidance, and personality any home can be beautifully elevated.

Kayla graduated in 2012 with an honors diploma in Interior Decorating and Design. She moved to Fort McMurray where she started her career in interior design while selling flooring, tile, granite countertops, and blinds.

With more than ten years of experience in flooring, Benjamin Moore paint, floor plans, design elements, blinds, and interior concepts Kayla can confidently guide you through your next renovation. Her goal is to assist everyday people in completing a home renovation that brings them joy. As a young single income mom, she has lived her entire adult life on a minimum amount of money. She has learned how to budget properly in her home and create items of beauty from nothing. She embraced her creativity and taught herself to be self sufficient in wood working, building concepts, and DIY home decor.

Kayla’s business journey is to help homeowners see that know matter who they are or what their budget they can all love the space they are in.

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