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The New Waterford Collaborative Practice is one of four clinics from across the province to take part in a pilot project that will give its patients access to their medical records through the province’s new YourHealthNS app.

About 12,000 patients from the four clinics will receive information from their clinic this week about how to log in to view their medical history. In addition to the New Waterford Collaborative Practice, Westville Medical Clinic, Greenwood Family Health and Queens Family Health in Liverpool are participating in the pilot.The patients from the four clinics will have access to:

·        visits to their primary care provider, including the date, time and reason

·        virtual care appointments, including the date, time and reason

·        hospital and emergency department visits, including length of stay and discharge information

·        their list of medications, along with the prescription name, dosage and how long they should take the medicine

·        information on diagnostic imaging scans – magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) computed tomography (CT) and X-ray – limited to date, body part, referring physician and treatment method

·        lab results, including blood, urine and general lab tests. 

The diagnostic imaging information and lab results will be available seven days after the ordering provider receives them.


Dr. Emmanuel Ajuwon is the Family Physician at the New Waterford Collaborative Practice and believes that is program will increase his patients’ involvement in their healthcare management.

 “As a physician, I believe that the preference and the ultimate goal for any family doctor is the well-being of our patients. Providing them the autonomy to view their health records and the opportunity to review this first-hand is always something I have stood for,” he said in a government release. “This affords the patient the opportunity to be an active participant in their health, which I am in total support of, along with this initiative. It is a step in the right direction, and I am looking forward to how it will unfold. I am proud to be part of a collaborative team that is willing to champion this project, and I am certain it will yield great results.” YourHealthNS is part of a larger digital health transformation at Nova Scotia Health. For more information and to get the app check it out here


Dr. Ajuwon image from The Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine (


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