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Thankfully, Hurricane Lee was kind enough to leave the Third out of its direct path. But we know that more hurricanes will likely howl through before the season passes. In case they do, we thought we should put together some no-cook meal ideas that Thirders can have on hand using ingredients often ound in our cupboards.

Canned beans

You can make a quick salad by tossing a drained can of white beans in olive oil and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Add some diced apples, dried herbs, nuts, chopped celery or scallions for added flavour. Add protein with canned tuna, chicken, or salmon or tofu for extra protein. Build a smashed bean sandwich by draining canned chickpeas or white beans and mashing them coarsely with a fork. Serve on bread or with whole-wheat crackers for dipping. Blend carrots and chickpeas for a tasty combination. Grate carrots then combine with canned, drained chickpeas, a sprinkle of dried fruit and nuts, and toss with orange juice, lemon juice, or vinegar. Canned vegetables Combine drained canned corn with any chopped vegetables you have on hand and simply toss with a dressing for a quick corn salad. Add a drained can of beans and some crumbled cheese for added protein. Chunky gazpacho can easily be created by combining a can of diced tomatoes with the juice, chopped onion, cucumber and a little Tabasco sauce or cayenne pepper. Try adding chopped red or green peppers or a can of chickpeas, for more calories and flavour. Vegetable noodles

Carrots, cucumbers and beets can be spiralized into noodles (or, if you don’t have a manual spiralizer, cut into ribbons with a peeler) for a no-cook pasta dish. Mexican in the dark Combine a can of chopped tomatoes, canned beans, canned corn, avocado and fresh cilantro to create a raw taco salad. You can pile this tasty mix into tortillas, put it on t

aco shells, or eat it like a salad. Canned fish You can eat it with crackers, tortillas, on a sandwich or plain. Greens Leafy greens will stay fresh without the refrigerator. Chop up whatever leafy greens you have and toss them together with a simple dressing. You can bulk up your salad with cubed bread, nuts, cooked grains or toss in some canned corn or beans. Power breakfasts

Pre-prepare oats for the next morning. Mix rolled oats with water or plant-based milk and let it sit overnight on a counter. The next morning, simply add peanut butter, sliced fresh fruit such as bananas and apples, and nuts and dried fruit.

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