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Nova Scotia’s NDP Leader Claudia Chender not impressed with government’s Annual Accountability Report on Emergency Departments

“People deserve to know that the emergency care they need is available when and where they need it,” said Chender. The health care crisis continues to impact Nova Scotians. The Houston government has chosen to focus on one-off announcements rather than making sure our healthcare system works.


“Unplanned emergency room closures are up 32% since last year—a dangerous statistic. Throughout Nova Scotia, ERs were closed 79,813 hours last year compared to 77,304 the year before, and more than half of these were unplanned closures. This is the infuriating reality that puts too many Nova Scotians scrambling to access care.” 


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According to the NDP, lasst year 55,000 Nova Scotians left ERs without being seen, up from 43,000 the year before. 


To read the government’s Annual Accountability Report on Emergency Departments, CLICK BELOW:

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