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Permanent jewelry offers a unique twist on traditional accessories by providing a seamless and lasting connection to the meaningful moments in your life, and it is now available in the Third.

The team at Kreative Design Studio have spent years in the jewelry business helping countless people find the perfect piece to symbolize profound connections and commemorate cherished moments. Now, the well-known and locally owned-and-operated business is using its expertise – and good eye – to design custom pieces of permanent jewelry in the Third.

Permanent jewelry is jewelry that is welded together instead of secured by a clasp. It avoids the hassle of clasping and removing your jewelry. It also means that you can’t lose it or leave it behind! And because of its permanency, it must be sized and measured by a jeweler before it is welded around you.

Kim Boudreau is the owner of Kreative Design and the senior jeweler at her shop. She says her team of expert jewelers is dedicated to crafting exquisite permanent jewelry pieces that embody unique styles and capture the essence of treasured memories.

“We believe that every piece of jewelry should tell a unique and personal story,” says Boudreau. “That’s why we offer a collection of tiny charms, initials, pearls, and spacer beads to add a personal touch to your permanent jewelry. You can choose initials that hold special meaning, select delicate charms that reflect your passions and interests, or let your piece reflect your journey, capturing the moments and connections that matter most to you.”

The studio offers a wide range of options in its permanent jewelry collection, including bracelets; anklets; and necklaces. And it prides itself on its selection of Cape Breton charms. All pieces in the collection are made with sterling silver and 10k yellow gold, known for their durability.

Boudreau says she is excited to offer this quality collection in the local market. Her commitment to and passion for her trade – and her community – is evident the moment you walk into her shop.

“Our pieces are designed to become treasured heirlooms, passed down through generations as a testament to the bonds that matter most in life,” says Boudreau. “With each passing day, your permanent jewelry piece will become a part of you, a cherished companion that tells your unique story and preserves your most precious memories.”

Kreative Design Studio is located at 1290 Kings Rd in the Value Check Plaza

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