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Police ask citizens for co-operation with winter snow removal and safety efforts

UPDATE: Police ask citizens for co-operation with winter snow removal and safety efforts


Motorists are asked to please avoid driving unless absolutely necessary. Police are responding to multiple calls about stuck vehicles, abandoned in roadways, which are blocking snow removal operations and access for emergency vehicles.


With significant snowfall expected over the weekend, Cape Breton Regional Police remind citizens that winter parking regulations are in effect throughout the CBRM; please ensure your vehicle is off the street – between the hours of 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM, as well as during a snowfall and within two hours from the time snow stops falling. Police will ticket and tow any vehicles obstructing snow removal efforts, leaving motorists with a fine and any costs associated with towing.


Citizens are also asked to cooperate by not placing snow from your driveways onto sidewalks or streets, which can further interfere with snow clearing efforts. Obstructing streets and sidewalks with snow is prohibited under CBRM Bylaws and can result in a $100 fine.


Police remind motorists to take the necessary safety precautions during winter months, which often bring challenging road conditions. Check weather and road conditions before driving; clear snow and ice from your vehicle; adjust your speed to the conditions; give yourself extra distance to stop; allow for extra travel time in unfavorable conditions; and if possible, avoid driving during the height of any storm weather and wait until plows have completed snow removal.

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