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Readers might recall that in the second issue of The Third, we wrote about the CBRM’s Fire Prevention Officer’s more than three-year campaign to encourage Thirders to obey fine lane rules.

Stephen MacKenzie told us at the time that despite several awareness campaigns; ticketing; and face-to-face communication with offenders the fire lanes are still busy spots for parked cars.

Perhaps you also remember that because of our stubborn habits, some heavy weights in a few departments within CBRM huddled to solve the problem. Once approved, the result will be more departments having the ability to enforce and impose fines.

Given the fire department’s efforts, we thought it would be interesting to get your take on the whole parking thing. This week, we share the results with readers.

As you can see from the chart, given The Third’s weekend in parking lots and the fire officials’ comments (and hard work at keeping us out of fire lanes), it’s tough not to visualize some of you with your pants on fire.

But, as a follow-up chat with MacKenzie made clear, we are indeed rule breakers.

“If you look at our population and consider what almost 10 percent of our population amounts to, that means there are a lot of people doing it. It shows how much of an issue it is.”

There is a lot of red in that chart, but what isn’t red is MacKenzie’s concern and directly where he focused our brief convo. If about 85 percent of Thirders are represented in red, it means about 15 percent of us are, at least occasionally, using the fire lanes.

The population of CBRM is approximately 94,000.

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