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“We recently moved to a new neighborhood. Our new neighbours brought us over a basket of goodies not only for us but for the dogs too! It was so nice of them to notice our two dogs and welcome them to the neighborhood too”

“My growing family will forever be indebted to my two colleagues, an Indian, and a Bretoner. At a time when I badly needed my son’s treatment for allergy, I had nowhere to run to. The hospital, which is supposed to be our sanctuary, led me nowhere in terms of the total healing of my son. My Indian colleague connected me to a dermatologist who is in Cape Breton for her studies. We figured out what was wrong by just sending her a message on WhatsApp. She gave me directions and instructions on what to do; she asked if I could get hold of Dr. Virick. I know it was a long shot since I had to secure my appointment with Dr. Virick, and it may require more time as my son’s allergy was worsening. Lo and behold, my Bretoner colleague told my current situation to her mother, who happened to be a patient of Dr. Virick and had a direct line with the clinic. We were able to go to the clinic in a matter of hours. Dr. Virick’s tender and loving care appeased my worries and concerns, and the healing journey began. The Third is our home away from home, and these angels proved that hearts of gold are found here. -Loving Mom”

“This is 2 days after I had landed in Sydney and I stepped out for buying the necessities I would need to settle my home here, I came out of Dollarama, Welton Street with a huge bag looking for a bus but the bag was too heavy and this is when a woman spotted me and offered me a lift to my home. I refused and was not okay but she insisted and held my bag with me to offer support and then walked me to her car and dropped me home. I asked her if I could do something to help her she said you can, when you are settled here make sure you help someone who is in need like you were in today.”

“When I was riding a bus going home from the mall, my bag was overflowing with all my stuff. A gentleman approached me and handed me his extra grocery bag so I could have all my things fixed. I was new in the area, and it meant a lot to me that a stranger with a kind heart saw my struggles while commuting and bringing all that I bought.”

“I want to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to the international students (from CBU , I believe) who stopped after seeing my Harley broke down and helped me get it started again. I am sorry I did not even ask for your names but thank you for using your engineering expertise to get my hog up and running. Can’t for the day to see you cruising on your own dear brother.”

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