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“I know we complain about our healthcare here, but I feel it’s important to also give a positive message when there is one to share.

At the request of his doctor, my husband was unexpectedly admitted to the regional hospital. The care he is receiving from Dr. Paul MacDonald and Dr. Tom Ebrect is nothing short of excellent.

The issues were addressed promptly and are now resolved. They are in my husband’s room checking on his progress every day and explaining to us what is being done for him.

The nurses on 4B are caring and efficient, with a sense of humour and encouragement, which helps the days roll along. Kudos to CBRH 4B!”

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the staff at the Charlotte Street post office. Whenever I visit the post office to send cards back home, you guys are always nice and so welcoming. I don’t have much words to explain but THANK YOU so much for your service!”

“Thanks to the person who gave me her shopping cart as she was leaving and I was entering No Frills. I never have a quarter on me.”

“Shout out to the old gentleman who took his time to explain what antique and vintage cars were to my son during the Hot August Nights show. Thank you for showing our son (who is in love with cars) around your Chevy Bel Air. Bless you!”

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