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“Thank you to the kind gentleman who gave me a token to get out of the parking lot at the CBI Health Centre. I entered the parking lot quickly because I was late, and I didn’t notice the gate I drove through to get to my parking spot. After my appointment, I realized that I was stuck in the lot without any money and no token, which is what the gate wants to be fed to release you from its grip. I noticed a gentleman in the lot so I asked him what I should do. He said follow me and we walked back to the building, where I thought he would point me to security, but instead he reached into his pocket, pulled out a twenty and slipped it into the token machine! After he collected his tokens, he turned and gave me one of the shiny gold coins. “

“A simple thank you to the Old Gentleman whom we met at the George Street Tim Hortons, who told us stories from his time in service, shared the list of places to visit and above all took the initiative to make us international students feel at ease. Thank you sir, your simple gesture meant a lot !”

“As the editor of The Third, I want to take some space to mark our one-month anniversary (yah, we are doing it!), and to thank the little – but growing – team who made – and make – it possible. I cannot thank enough the dedicated group of people who believed in me and in my idea to create a paper all about Thirders. It takes a lot to put out a paper every week. There are the stories, the advertisements, the distribution, the social media, the event listings gathering, the public engagement.

Without this team, the Third would not have a free weekly paper. For that, I give them so much thanks. For the early mornings, the late nights, the make-shift (and last minute) office meetings at Tim Horton’s; Marie’s Café; and Doktor Luke’s, I thank them so very much from the bottom of my big Cape Breton heart.

As a team we collectively take joy from our victories and huddle together to solve problems. I feel so blessed to have these people – a team – who share the collective goal of wanting to put out a quality paper every week with me. Ashin, Leslie 1, Dave, Jashandeep, Shantanu, Leslie 2, Doc and Tanya: Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. I hope you all know how much I appreciate you and all that you do for me, the Third, and Thirders. “

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