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“I am new in CBRM, on an open work permit, and looking for a job all day. Dropping resumes to most establishments in Sydney was a very tiring day. When the restaurant owner saw me, I was on my last resume to drop. He got the document and even offered me cold water as sweat dripped on my face. This reminds me that there are people who care, even strangers.“

“I am a high school student at Sydney Academy; my mother is an international student. In my initial days in school, I was shy since I did not know anyone from the class. It’s good that one of my Canadian classmates started talking to me and explaining the school culture. From that day, I felt more comfortable and started gaining friends. !”

“Thank you to the team of The Third! I visited Sydney for the day from New Jersey, USA, and appreciated having such an entertaining and informative paper to read. Keep up the good work! “- Sharlene

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