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“I ,for one, want to express my gratitude to the CBRM response to the storms in the past two weeks calling for "a state of emergency". This was needed and definitely a good call. The comment initially made by our premier was not very professional and was indeed inappropriate, but, he did apologize. He is after all, only human. As fellow human beings, we forget this sometimes with our leaders. They too get frustrated and tired. So accept this apology and move on. The expressions of people helping people is very heartwarming as well.

One last item; I think that the information shared with the community through our social media outlets, our local news and radio stations ,was commendable. I think the updates were…well... very good updates and left me feeling safe and secure.

As I write this, February 16, 2024, I am just now getting plowed out. It has been extremely busy for both the CBRM plows out on the roads and the private operators doing their thing. So readers, remember that instead of complaining  that things are taking too long, exercise some patience. They are doing their best. That is what I saw in this last two major snow events. It really was helpful when you heard the updates especially  about  the process by which the CBRM makes the decisions of where or what  to plow first. It puts it all in perspective of the work that needs to be done and the rationale behind this process. Good work. Now... keep it up!”

-        Cathy Mac Dougall

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