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RAVE ROOM - JULY 27, 2023

“A big thank you to the driver of the white Ford Escape who let me go at the corner of George and Argyle streets last Wednesday afternoon. I waited for what seemed like forever as drivers rushed by like my car was wearing its invisible cloak. But, not you, white Ford Escape, you waved me through just as I was giving up on the kindness of Cape Bretoners. I thanked you with a big wave and a long honk. I wish there were more drivers out there like you, my White Beauty.”

“I was on the bus yesterday and overheard a man chatting with an international student about the troubles the student was having looking for a job and finding a safe place to live. As the student was getting off the bus, I watched the man give the student a gift card to Tim Horton’s. What a thoughtful gesture and a kind thing to do for a struggling student new to CBRM. I just wanted to share.”

“Last week at my neighbourhood grocery store I was next in line at the cash register so I started to load my groceries on the belt when a hand appeared in front of my bananas. It startled me, but soon realized that the hand was holding a gift card. The person ahead of me said that he had paid for his groceries and had money left on the card and he wanted me to use it up to help pay for my groceries. I didn’t know until he was out of sight that there was almost 20 bucks on that card! If that person happens to read this I want you to know that you really made my day and I passed on your kindness the next day. It really is contagious.”

“This one is a bit old but still relevant. It happened in February of 2022. Me and my friend just landed in CBRM as international students. We were late to join CBU and had a hard time figuring everything out. We lived in Glace Bay at that time and there was this one night when we got to the Marconi St bus stop really late and got on the bus not knowing it was on a different route. It was Transit CB bus 7116. We started panicking as the bus took off on a different route and was not sure about what to do. The driver understood it and tried to calm us down by casually talking to us. He then finished that trip and took it to himself to drop us off at our home before starting the next trip. It might not seem much, but for us that was a lot. The ray of hope, the feeling that someone is there to help you, it helped us stay grounded and reach where we are right now. Thank You so much.”

Want to express your gratitude for that kind stranger who made your day? Send in your RAVES to

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