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“A Newcomer family recently moved in a few doors up. After my partner helped them out with a tire change, they invited us over for a traditional meal. It was delicious and must have taken a lot of time to prepare. With two children under 12 they have enough to fill their day without hosting us. We spent three hours learning about each other and planning future events to take in together. It was a lot of fun. We plan to do it again next week.”

“Thanks to the person at the hospital who gave me their pen so I could finish a sudoku after mine ran out of ink. I am sorry that I forgot to give it back like I said I would. “

“A big rave to the person who warned me of the recently cleaned and wet floor on my way into a local grocery store. I was rushing and if was not for the man who grabbed my elbow, I think I would have ended up on the wet floor with a twisted ankle. I don’t think I even thanked you. So, thank you!”

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“When I was out shopping, and my hands were full of what I had, all of a sudden, a 17-year-old Dylan went near me and helped me unload my groceries from the shopping cart.” “At the animal shelter wher


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