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“One evening in a restaurant in Sydney, I was ahead of a woman assisting her elderly mom. I approached the curb and paused to see if my arthritic knees could climb it. To my right, I appeared with an arm to assist. It was that of the elderly mom. My heart was so touched.”

“My kind story is how, almost every day, my friend shares her food with most of her classmates. When she was younger, she was in a challenging situation with her family to the point where she barely ate because there wasn’t any food at her house. This is her way of giving back since other people helped her during the most difficult time in their lives.”

“I recently started a new project that is way outside my comfort zone. And as an older woman venturing into entrepreneurship for the first time and with no financial backing, it has been a scary and lonely venture! Last week, out of blue, my ex-husband got in touch to tell me that he is proud of me for starting this project and for its success so far. Sometimes we get encouragement from unexpected sources! Thank you, ex-hubby, your support (still) means a lot! “

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