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“I am a local, and I will not forget the help extended to me by a Nigerian. I am walking from work to home. It was raining, and I was not bringing any rain gear. When he saw me drenching, he offered to take me home. I was able to reach home safe and sound. It dawned on me that we are now a growing family in CBRM.”

“In one of the classes, I was helped by a local to understand the lesson we were in. As a newbie in CBRM, I am unfamiliar with local issues; she patiently explained the intricacies of the details so I could catch up with our discussion.”

“I recently returned from a four-day visit to my hometown in Ontario. It was my first visit back since I moved to ‘the Third’ several years ago. While I was in Stratford, a tourist town in southern ON, I couldn’t help but notice the condition of the roads. I know that CBRM has limited resources and we complain about the potholes, but after spending four days on Stratford’s roads I have a new perspective on the ones I drive here daily. The old industrial towns aren’t doing so bad, at least when compared to the gentile tourist cities of Ontario.”

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