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“In a call centre job, time is structured, and breaks are identified. The time difference between Canada and India is also quite crazy. A huge shoutout to my Bretoner supervisor, who always ensures that my break coincides with when I call my mom. It means a lot for someone with no immediate family here in CBRM.”

“I have always been an introvert, and being surrounded by many people frightens me. This was noticed by one of my classmates in Sydney Adult High School. When we work on group activities, she always guides me to make sure I get along with the rest. Her kindness inspired me to embrace and improve on my weaknesses.”

“May I first add that the Rave room is one of my newest favorite reads .. nothing warms my heart more than seeing the kind & heartful post of people everywhere! I would particularly like to thank the very kind and generous stranger that was at no frills on Welton Street! While checking out at no frills I was struggling to find some change to cover the remaining balance of my order ( $8.75 to be exact) I was panicking because there were people waiting and I was embarrassed enough that I was fumbling threw my bag trying to find the change. Finally I just gave up and told the young cashier to remove the last item rung in , the kind person behind me quickly stepped up and gave the young worker a $10.00 bill to cover the Remaining cost of my bill. I tried hard to hold it together... I was so emotional and couldn’t thank them enough. Knowing the struggles of many trying to buy food for your household during this inflation crisis. I was so overwhelmed with this kind act and generosity I did pay it forward and I hope your act of kindness is still going in a chain reaction. Bless you !”

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