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“I will never forget how a Thirder helped me find my dog. I was so lost on the road when I found out that Lassy had gone off. A gentleman came to me and asked how I was. I told him my dog ran from home and I might know where to find her. He accompanied me and never left until we found Lassy lying on the grass near home. What a relief both for me and him.”

“My co-worker noticed that during breaks, I would only have my eyes glued on the phone and never take any bite since I was not bringing any food. She then offered me chocolate chips to munch each time we took breaks together. Whenever I see chocolate chips, I always remember the kindness shown to a Bretoner by a Filipina.”

“I wanted to send this note to let you know how much your new paper is appreciated. I especially love your notices of upcoming events; it helps choose something to attend and have fun. Keep up the good work.”

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