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“I will never forget the kindness shown to me by a Thirder. I finished grocery shopping at Sobeys and went directly to A&W to grab lunch. It was raining, and my hands were full with what I bought. After my takeout, an old lady was running towards me and wanted to go out first. I paved the way for her, and when I went out, she approached me in her car and offered to take me home. I respectfully declined because I did not want to bother her. But, her act showed how observant she is of the needs of others.”

“As a newcomer, I felt that some Thirders were adamant about engaging in conversations, especially in the workplace. I have a reclusive workmate who would just look at me when I try to engage. Even though he does not reciprocate the engagement, I still smile at him. My heart melted one day when he did not say a word and just left a brownie on my desk. His appreciation was not shown in words, but through his act.”

“As an international student going back to school after 5 years of break from education, I was terrified. To add to that, the Canadian system of education was new to me and entirely different to what I had back home. Stories from roommates enrolled in other programs didn’t help either. However, I was lucky enough to get some of the best faculty in CBU. I would like to use this opportunity to thank my Professors from the Public Health Department at CBU. They are patient, they understand and compliment our struggles and are always there for us when we need them. PS I like it when you guys share your experience and stories too. If students could nominate for CBU Faculty awards, these people would definitely win it every single time.”

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