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Readers, you did it!

A big thank you from the team at The Third. We put out a call and you stepped up!

Regular readers will know that recently we have been helping the Every Women’s Centre to get the word out about its annual back-to-school campaign. While we included a list of the most needed items, we put out a special call for large backpacks. They are expensive and cost-prohibitive for many families, yet a must for all students.

We asked those who could consider purchasing a large backpack to drop off at the Centre. You see, those backpacks are so cost-prohibitive that even some who support the back-to-school campaign can’t include them. The backpacks are also one of the items that the Centre last scratches off its list each year.

While back in the day the ‘school bag’ wasn’t larger than the school child, things have changed. Mandatory now are bags that are larger than the torsos of the children who wear them and come with fancy pockets, holders, and gadgets – and fancy prices.

Well, the kids are back in school so we thought we would reach out to the Every Women’s Centre to see how the campaign went.

“It was a great campaign. We had great support, and all the families are happy,” said Wanda Earhart, a long-time employee at the Centre. “We couldn’t do it without the community, who do such a great job with back-to-school.”

But at The Third we got a little bit of extra good news; the kind that warms your heart and makes you smile from ear to ear – for a long time.

While catching up with the Centre we asked about those large backpacks and wondered if Thirders accepted our ask.

“We had a fabulous response,” said Earhart. “People came forward that hadn’t in the past. Some people just dropped off backpacks.”

Earhart suggested that some of the new supporters might not have been aware of the campaign because they don’t have kids or are new to town.

The team at The Third is happy knowing that our future leaders have the gear they need to get them through the school year, and that together with our readers we were able to make a difference in our community.

“That’s how we get it done,” said Earhart, who reminded us at The Third what a community can do when it comes together.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Unsplash

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