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On Friday, January 26, 2024, at 15:55 I finished writing and wrapping up my first novel titled, Your Tears Are Not Enough.

It’s about missing and murdered Indigenous humans and speaks to the very real issues that our community face. It speaks to our Indigenous spirituality, culture, the supernatural – and it is funny and real.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel after completing it. I can honestly say that I didn’t know what I would do with myself after I typed out the last few paragraphs. I proofread the last chapters and then smoked one of the unfiltered cigarettes I brought back from Cuba.

Those of you who have walked with me since we started this journey together last August will remember that I went to Cuba to write this book. While there it was customary for me to finish a day of writing with a Cuban ciggy and a cup of Cuban coffee.

So, at 15:55 that’s what I did in my writing room. Then I had myself a good cry. I cried for many reasons. I cried because I accomplished something that was so incredibly important to me, and I finished it on my terms, and in Unama’ki. I honestly had myself believing that I couldn’t write anywhere but in Cuba, but thankfully, I was wrong.

I left Cienfuegos with a sketched-out conclusion wanting to finish the last seven chapters in Unama’ki. I also knew they would be the hardest seven chapters to finish. The ‘sort of ending’ I had drafted didn’t pan out at all – a regular occurrence for writers. Thankfully spirit took over and it came together.

It's finished. What’s next, you ask?

Well, now it gets edited. My editors are furiously going through the chapters now. I need to finalize the book cover, make sure I’ve thanked everyone and when the editors say that Your Tears Are Not Enough is ready for your eyes, I will publish it first as an e-book and then in print too.

It is also being translated into Spanish and will be available as an e-book.

This part of the book writing journey is very exciting; I’ve almost vomited twice since Friday because of an overwhelming feeling of excitement. But instead, I cried and danced my happiness out.  

Printing this book is going to be a little difficult. But I have faith that everything will work out and a few philanthropists will be placed in my journey to help me print this book. It is important to get it out into the world because it’s an amazing book and everyone in Turtle Island should read it.  

Did you know that many publishers take almost 93 percent of their writers’ profits? How is that even possible and what does this say about the publishing business?

After many calls to many publishers this past summer that confirmed these profits, I decided that I wasn’t going to go the traditional publishing route. Instead, I am going to collect 100 percent of the profits so that I can give at least 60 percent to the people who are looking for their missing family members. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this book and also to create awareness about this epidemic.

Profits from this book will, yes, pay my bills. I need to pay some bills; I’ve been unemployed for more than a year. But the remaining profits will be used to help people who are looking for their loved ones. Black, white, red, yellow, anyone who I can help will be helped. I have an amazing team ready to support me in this journey because they believe in creating awareness too.

The profits from this book will remove some of the heavy burdens families face while looking for their missing loved one. I plan to support people in these situations, allowing them to stop stressing about rent, the vehicle payment or the printing costs for missing persons posters.

I have big plans for this book. In addition to it becoming an international best seller, it being required reading in every high school in Canada for grade 11 or 12 students would be a great achievement.

Too many reading this column still haven’t heard about what happened and continues to happen to Indigenous people in Canada and Turtle Island, I aim to change that with Your Tears Are Not Enough.

If you’re asking yourself how you can help get this book printed, I have some suggestions.

1.     If you are a philanthropist, company or organization that would like to donate to the cost of printing, contact The Third.

2.     If you are a printing company that would like to print this manuscript as an act of reconciliation, contact The Third.

3.     If you would like to purchase a copy of my published children’s book, Do You Know My Grandfather, Smokey Dad, He’s a Superhero! for $19.99 (no tax!) contact The Third.

4.     Send this column to those you think will be interested, but most of all…

5.     If you know Mark Ruffalo or that fella I asked Santa to contact, hook a sister up!

6.     If you can, purchase this book when it becomes available to help bring awareness to people everywhere about this epidemic.

7.     Send me good and positive vibes and energy.

I’m not great at saying my book is amazing, but I’m working on it and I’m getting better. So, I’ll say this: it’s really amazing and it has so much magic.  

Thank you all for Walking With Me! I can’t wait to update you all in the weeks to come!

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