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We all have a superpower within, it’s called love, it can be exposed or hidden depending on the situations we find ourselves in. 


I like to think that as we roll into the season of love and peace, we can choose to use a superpower that embodies kindness and giving. I’m not talking about material giving, I’m talking about kindness.  


I want to challenge you this week and see if you’ll walk with me for one day. Try to change things up in the world for the betterment of you and others, just give it a try and see how it goes.  


If you choose to walk with me, for just a day, I’d ask that you do some prep work. It’s nothing big but I want you to be in the right headspace. I want you to challenge your thinking.  


The night before you start this challenge, I want you to ask yourself a few questions. Maybe you have a lot going on and you are having a difficult time finding something to be grateful for. I’ve come up with a few questions that may help you find a blessing or something to find gratitude in.  


Do you have a roof over your head?  

Did you have something to eat today?  

Were you able to drive somewhere in your vehicle?  

Are you warm where you are?  

Do you have friends who choose to celebrate you instead of criticizing you?  

Do you have your health, for the most part?  

Do you love someone, and does someone loves you, it doesn’t have to be a person, it can be a pet! 


If you can answer yes, to at least one of these questions, then I’d say you’re blessed and have something to be grateful for. If you can answer yes to at least two of these questions, then you are abundantly blessed.  


If you can’t answer yes to any of these questions but you are reading this column, I’d like you to know that’s your blessing. If you have the gift of literacy, you are abundantly blessed because 13.7percent of the world’s population over the age of 15 are unable to do what you are doing right now. See, blessed!  


You see, the small things that we take for granted are really the big things, we just have to look for them, acknowledge them, and then determine who you’re going to feed.


I’ve been told that we have two wolves inside us, the good wolf and the bad wolf, they represent balance within.  


You can’t be in a perpetually “good wolf mode” all the time because you require boundaries and the bad wolf comes in handy sometimes, like when those boundaries are overstepped, and you need to clarify them.  


You can, however, feed the good wolf regularly, and you choose when to feed the other wolf. 

For example, think about this scenario. We’ve all had this happen, I think, if not, use your imagination. 

You wake up in the morning and you are late, what’s the first thing you think about? Is it ‘my boss/or professor is going to be upset because I’m coming in late?’  

You now rush so that you can get to work on time or less late. You have probably forgotten to take the coffee you’ve made and as you drive out of your driveway or get on that bus you realize it’s sitting on the counter, and you won’t or can’t make the time to get that lonely cup of java.  


Now you’re really irritated because you don’t have your happy cup of love. You drive in your vehicle or get on the bus without that coffee and now something or someone is preventing you from getting to your destination as quickly as you’d like. 


Someone in front of you is driving exceptionally slowly or the person in front of you doesn’t use their blinker and cuts you off.  


Your brain is about to explode, don’t lie, you’re saying something nasty to that person in your brain or out loud.  


Now you get to work and if you’ve taken your vehicle, someone has parked in your spot. If you took the bus, maybe your bus driver makes you get off at a different stand because your stop is being worked on. Now you have to walk longer, and your sense of routine is really off now. 


You finally get to your office or school and then you are compelled to tell everyone about the rotten morning you’re having and set the tone with the people who work or study with you. Your compulsion to spread negativity has just been handed off to your co-worker, fellow student or boss. You have now influenced the people around you to focus on all the bad things that have happened.


I can almost guarantee that your day will be filled with disappointment for you and others around you, because you chose to feed the bad wolf.  


Now, if you’re ready to walk with me I want you to see how you can turn that day upside down. Think about applying these choices, remember, it’s all about you and what you choose to do. It’s not going to be easy; you’ll fight with your thoughts about who to feed but try to feed the good wolf.  


The first thing you do before you look at the clock or look at your phone to see who has liked your social media posts or messaged you is to say the following words:  

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  


By doing this simple act of acknowledgment you have begun to put your mindset into a place of gratitude instead of anxiety or fear. Feel that blessing for a minute or two, for two extra minutes I want you to stay in bed and feel the power of gratitude.  


You’re thanking the universe for waking up. Waking up is a blessing and you want to acknowledge that you have another day to do something.  Then get up and do your thing, if you realize that you are late, send a message to your boss or prof and tell them you’re running late. Make the apology and let it go, you can’t control how another person chooses to react, you can only own your choice and reaction. 



I’m suggesting that you don’t turn on the news channel because it’s filled with negative stories. Find your joy! If you like rocking out to Metallica, turn that music up to ten and allow the music to fill your heart with happiness.  


Give yourself those good and happy moments. 


And remember that whoever it is that you run into, be kind, smile, and be pleasant to the people who serve you at the window or counter. I’ve gotten free coffee just by being happy when I talk to the voice inside the order box. 


Simple words make people smile and will probably be passed on to the next person. All because of what you gave them, you gave them something to smile and be happy about. I want you to think about that.  


You made someone smile and be happy because YOU CHOSE to be kind. Imagine, being known for being kind, instead of ‘grumpy’ or ‘snobby’. When people remember me, I want them to remember that I was kind.   


Okay, you’ve started your morning in a good way, feels good, right!  


Continue to feed happiness and joy, you only have 8 hours to go. 


If you take the bus, ask your driver what they drink, and if you have a chance, pick one up for them. The simple act of giving can make a situation turn around, maybe not right now but maybe later down the road.  


Say you grab a coffee for that bus driver someday and on another day, you’re late and running to catch the bus. Nine times out of ten that driver will remember your act of kindness and will wait for you.  

As you’re driving along and get held up behind that slower driver, turn your radio on and find a song that makes you happy.


Avoid the news channel, just for today, don’t listen to the news channel, listen to music and take some time and see what’s going on around you. 


Are the trees in full bloom or are they changing colour? Look at the colour of those leaves and think about how cool it is to witness the seasons change. Think about how blessed you are to be sipping coffee and listening to your favourite jam and then smile. Smiling changes the way you feel, it really does.   


When you smile and do things that are kind, feel and acknowledge that moment because it is a blessing. Be grateful that you’re not the person walking in the cold. Smile because you have a bus driver who gets you to your destination safely and deals with traffic.      


See where I’m going? You are now feeding the good wolf inside. You are creating a ripple of kindness. 

You are choosing to find a good experience or moment that brings you joy. It’s not easy, you’ll find yourself slipping but when you do ask yourself: What do I choose to do today? 


You are responsible for your choices so remember that the choices you make can influence how another person reacts. Yes, sometimes you can be as nice as possible, yet someone will be an insufferable nelly. To those nellies I say, ‘Leave them behind. Are you going to allow their suffering to consume you? You have the ability to decide which wolf to feed.’  


Continue to think like this for the rest of the day and see how you feel at the end of the day.   


I’m also going to ask you to do something a little harder now, those negative nelly’s, you know the ones, maybe you are the nelly? Look at how you have treated people in the past week.  

Were your actions kind or were you mean? 


Ask yourself why you chose to be mean instead of kind.  


Could you have stood up for someone who was being treated badly but you chose to let it happen? Then ask yourself why you did this.  


Was it because you were fearful.  

Did it make you feel good to be unkind to another person and if it did, why?  

And lastly what purpose did your unkindness serve?  


Sit at the table that brings joy, kindness, love, and peace.  

If you can’t do that, I ask you to take a seat in the back with a mirror and reflect until you can.  

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