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Just more than 70% said they buy their Christmas gifts from locally-owned businesses?


We asked what is on your ‘must buy local lists?’ And oh, we are a jesting bunch: trees and food topped the list. Followed by local books, crafts, tartan, and more food…fudge.


Most holiday celebrations (57%) included alcoholic beverages.


More than 40% of readers had family or friends from out-of-town staying with them during the holidays.


When we hang out during the season, we most enjoy being with family, listening to music at local venues, and attending the HAT’s Christmas Eve singalong.


Thirders have an eclectic ear when it comes to holiday songs, but some favourites are All I Want for Christmas is You and The Fairytale of New York.


Almost three-quarters (72%) of Thirders gifted gift cards.


Being the crafty folk we are, 43% of us make our own decorations.


More than one-quarter (29%) of us re-gift.


WOW! A full 93% or readers told us they would contribute to a local non-profit/charity that has a Christmas initiative.


No chickens were gobbled up instead of turkeys due to the rising costs of food.


That might be because our hands down favourite holiday food is turkey dinner!


If we aren’t stuffing turkey in our gullets, Thirders want ham, meatballs, and eggs during the holidays.


More than two-thirds (64%) of Thirders baked their own holiday sweet treats.


We aren’t doing the eco-friendly Christmas trees, but only 38% of us use real trees.


We decorate our homes in mid-November or early December before we put up our trees in mid-December.


Most Thirders planned to spend about the same amount on Christmas gifts as they did last year.


Our Christmas shopping habits are all over the map, but many shop in November and December – including that stressful week before St Nick arrives.


Thirders purchased gifts for about 7-10 people. The biggest list had 25.

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