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When I first embarked on this journey as an associate editor for The Third, I never thought I'd find myself penning an editorial about inclusivity. As an immigrant hailing from Kerala, India, I am no stranger to the beauty of diversity and the power it holds in shaping societies. However, recent events on social media have unveiled a stark reality – a reminder that despite our progress, inclusivity remains a goal that's often elusive. Our human tapestry is rich and varied, interwoven with stories, traditions, and experiences that deserve not just recognition, but celebration. It's within this context that I find myself compelled to delve into a topic that is as universal as it is crucial: embracing inclusivity.

In the midst of conversations surrounding inclusivity, the upcoming festival of Onam shines as a poignant symbol. Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, is not just a time of feasting and merriment, but a profound commemoration of unity and acceptance. The story of King Mahabali, celebrated during Onam, reflects the value of a society where every individual is treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their background or status. Just as people from all walks of life are welcomed into the grand Onam 'pookalam' (floral carpet) regardless of their caste or creed, so too should our lives be enriched by embracing diversity.

In an increasingly interconnected world, our communities are no longer limited by geographical boundaries. The stories of struggles, triumphs, and aspirations transcend continents, creating a global narrative that begs us to appreciate the uniqueness each individual brings to the table.

Inclusivity is not merely a buzzword; it's a fundamental value that shapes the very essence of our society. Just as every color in a painting contributes to its overall beauty, every individual's unique perspective enriches the tapestry of our nation. Whether we hail from different corners of the world or

different neighborhoods within our city, our collective strength lies in recognizing and embracing the richness that comes from diverse backgrounds.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern society, we must recognize that inclusivity isn't just about tolerating differences – it's about actively seeking them out, embracing them, and allowing them to shape our collective narrative.

In conclusion, let us take this opportunity to reflect on the essence of Onam, a festival that encapsulates the very s

pirit of inclusivity. Just as the 'sadhya' (feast) is incomplete without a variety of dishes, so too is our society incomplete without the richness that diversity brings. Let us celebrate our differences and recognize that inclusivity isn't a trend; it's a fundamental value that should guide our interactions, decisions, and policies. As we move forward, may we weave a narrative that radiates acceptance, understanding, and unity, transforming our tapestry into a masterpiece that future generations will admire.

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