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Those born in the year of the Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012) will experience their Dragon return year, which happens every 12 years. Expect a most transformative year with major life changes. Be proactive in initiating your own change and be solution oriented in dealing with challenges that will be thrown at you. Choose your troubles or they will choose you. As a Yang Earth sign, Dragon-born people are resilient and capable of moving mountains! Be conscious of self-sabotaging behaviors, however, as the Dragon year triggers the “double Dragon” self-punishment penalty to those who have a Dragon in their natal charts. Practice kindness and self forgiveness, and remember that you are the director of your life: your mindset and your own free will can make a big difference in shaping your year.

Those born in 1964 will experience a “double return” from Yang Wood in the heavenly stem and the Dragon, which usually coincides with the second Saturn return in Western astrology. Many people may retire or enter a new phase in their personal life or career. The universe may slow you down during the year to give you space to reflect and think about your next moves. Surrender to the changes – when one door closes, another opens.

Signs that have affinities with the Dragon are secret friend the Bird (the Rooster) and allies the Rat and the Monkey. Those with these signs in their chart can expect a more collaborative year in 2024, with support from friends and family. This is a year you can really make good progress in many endeavors.

For all the Earth signs, which include the Dragon, the Dog, the Ox and the Sheep, the Wood Dragon year will bring pressure to perform. Rise up to the occasion - this is a year of turning points, with opportunities to level up. Those born in the year of the Dog, the sign opposite the Dragon, will face their clash year. The Ox and the Sheep will also experience a half clash with the Dragon squaring both signs. Earth signs will be busy - pay attention to your health and practice self care.

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