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Cape Breton University's Boardmore Playhouse proudly presents T.S. Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral directed by Russell Colman. The production will run from Thursday, February 15 to Sunday, February 18, with evening performances at 7:00pm and a matinee on February 18 at 2pm. A special Pay-What-You-Choose or Food Bank Donation performance will be held on February 16.


Murder in the Cathedral takes the audience back to the year 1170 CE, unfolding the tale of the murder of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, a nobleman under the command of King Henry II. Set in a familiar yet hauntingly symbolic space, the play challenges viewers to contemplate the essence of martyrdom, sacrifice and temptation.


"I wanted to direct this play because of its unique challenges and beauty. Murder in the

Cathedral is a heavy load for the director, the actors, and the design and production staff,” says Colman. “The play is full of theatrics and pageantry, written in rich and eloquent dramatic poetry. It confronts us with difficult and mostly unpopular questions about sacrifice, morality and political power."


For Colman, the play delves into the relationship between Church and State, and power and morality. By reframing T.S. Elliot’s classic play in the modern context more familiar to a local audience, Colman hopes to bring the plight of the poor and oppressed to the forefront.


Tickets can be purchased at the Boardmore Playhouse Box Office, open Monday-Friday from 1-5pm and one hour before each show.


For more information and ticket reservations, call 902-563-1652 or visit

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