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Brown paper Christmas tree garland

Step 1:

Make hot chocolate!! 


Step 2:

Gather supplies.

·        1 roll of dollar store brown wrapping paper 

·        2 hot glue sticks

·        Glue gun

·        Brown string 

·        Mini lights 

·        And 1 miniature tic tac toe game for in between work! 


Step 3:

Measure out triangles on the grid side of the wrapping paper to be about 4 squares high. 

We cut out 16 triangles with made us 8 tiny trees! 


Step 4:

Fold the trees in half gluing the folded edge to the string. 

You can cut the trees to shape, we decided we liked our better with straight sides!


Step 5:

Hang your mini tree garland from any high surface, make them as long as you like!! 


You can easily change from trees to snowmen by simply cutting white circles instead. 

You can also make gingerbread men, reindeer, snowflakes, or any festive shape. 


Window Decorating

While my son finished gluing the garland trees; I moved on to a piece I do every year, and every year it falls down eventually. But this year I’ve come up with a plan!


You will need:

·        20 different sizes Christmas balls

·        Beads 

·        Icicles 

·        White string 

·        White tape 

·        Cardboard 

·        Stapler 

·        Extension cord 

·        Mini lights (You could also use battery operated mini lights.) 

I’d normally attach each object to the string and attach it to the inner window frame; however, the windows condensate, and the tape eventually falls off. Using multiple thumbtacks is sometimes very difficult to push through hardwood and the lights never stay where you want them!! 


So instead of dealing with condensation and bruised thumbs, this year I tried something different. As it turned out, this was the easiest and most sturdy I’ve ever achieved this look!! 


Step 1:

To achieve it, I measured the inside length of the window and cut a small piece of cardboard to fit.  


Step 2:

Using white mini lights, I found the middle of the light strand and attached it to the centre of the cardboard issuing white tape. 


Step 3:

Using only 3 staples, (which leave such small holes you’ll never notice) I attached the cardboard/ light arrangement to the upper window frame. 


Step 4:

Measuring random length strings, attach the balls, beads, and icicles. I tied each string around the light strands attached to the cardboard.


There are so many color options, arrangements, and styles you can play with using only a few supplies that you can find at home or at a local thrift or dollar store.




Kayla graduated in 2012 with an honors diploma in Interior Decorating and Design. She moved to Fort McMurray where she started her career in interior design while selling flooring, tile, granite countertops, and blinds.

With more than ten years of experience in flooring, Benjamin Moore paint, floor plans, design elements, blinds, and interior concepts Kayla can confidently guide you through your next renovation.Her goal is to assist everyday people in completing a home renovation that brings them joy. As a young single income mom, she has lived her entire adult life on a minimum amount of money. She has learned how to budget properly in her home and create items of beauty from nothing. She embraced her creativity and taught herself to be self sufficient in wood working, building concepts, and DIY home decor.

Kayla’s business journey is to help homeowners see that know matter who they are or what their budget they can all love the space they are in.  


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